Paint Protection Film

Ultimate year-round protection against rocks, salt, and debris provide optimal clarity for a high-gloss shine. Defend your car’s paint job with Performance Auto Spa installed car paint protection film.
Drive with Confidence and Protect Your Investment

The moment you drive your car off the dealer’s lot, it faces endless risks on the road. A minor scratch or rock chip can quickly become an eyesore, affecting the overall appearance of your car’s exterior. In addition to automotive window tint, Performance Auto Spa stocks and installs Xpel’s automotive paint protection films. Defend your paint job against debris, scratches, insects, salt and rocks with the high-gloss, ultra-durable film that can be professionally installed on those areas of your car most prone to road damage, such as your hood, bumpers, and fenders. Most important, it’s virtually invisible, meaning you’ll see only the radiance of your vehicle shining through.

Experience the Benefits of Paint Protection

Paint Protection is like an invisible shield: flexible, thick, strong, and invisible. It enhances the appearance of your vehicle while helping preserve its value.

• See your paint color, not your film
• Designed to fit any make and model
• Requires no drilled holes or special fasteners
• Protects year-round, even in harsh weather
• Protects the resale value of your vehicle

In addition to our standard installation, we are also able to perform bulk custom installations for additional vehicle surfaces not normally included with computer cut kits. All installations are backed by a 10-year manufacturer warranty.
High-Quality Product Installation

When you schedule a paint protection installation at Performance Auto Spa you can expect the following steps to be performed with each and every installation:

  1. Wash and clay bar process prior to install
  2. Iron-X removal for surface contamination
  3. Bug and tar remover application prior to install
  4. Buff and polish any imperfections prior to install
  5. Touch up any minimal imperfections prior to install
  6. Premium kits and patterns from Xpel Design Access Software
  7. Maximum coverage kits
  8. Wrapped body edges
  9. Courtesy exterior car wash upon completion
  10. Vehicle Return
Are You Ready to Protect Your Investment?
Contact us today for more information on film coverage and pricing. Let us help you protect your vehicle’s finish and preserve its resale value today!