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Window tint

You spend hours in your car every week. Don’t you deserve to be comfortable on every trip? Window tint improves interior comfort, UV ray protection, glare reduction, style and more!

Drive in Style and Comfort

A new window tint adds style and comfort to your vehicle. While it’s no secret tinted windows look amazing—did you know they also filter out all the bad parts of sunlight? This means protection against Ultraviolet (UV) rays, color fading, and sun glare; better interior temperature control; and privacy from peering eyes—all while making your car stand out with head-turning style.

Performance Auto Spa is a SelectPro FormulaOne and LLumar dealer of clear and tinted window film. This means we’ve met or exceeded LLumar’s requirements to be a part of their exclusive FormulaOne network of quality films. Additionally, our FormulaOne window film comes with a Limited Lifetime Transferrable Warranty!

Highest Quality Window Tint Installation

When you schedule a vehicle window tint installation with Performance Auto Spa, you can expect superior quality. Our award-winning process for the installation of tint is as follows:

    • Select the window tint to be applied
    • Clean and prep exterior of window before sizing of tint
    • Cut window tint film to size for application
    • Smooth out film and push out bubbles to prepare for application
    • Clean window interior to prepare for application
    • Lay and de-bubble the window film
    • Quality assurance

    Experience the Benefits of Automotive Window Tinting

      Vehicle window film offers many amazing benefits. This film is a shield that is attached to the inside of your window and protects you and your vehicle’s interior. Here’s specifically how window tint helps:

      • Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet rays
      • Reduces interior fading of upholstery
      • Reduces heat from the sun for better interior comfort
      • Adds privacy from prying eyes
      • Reduces glare and eye strain from sunlight
      • Improves the strength of your windows
      • Provides unbeatable style for your vehicle

      Are You Ready to Protect Your Investment?

      Contact us today for more information on services and pricing. Add comfort and style to your vehicle today!